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How to build popup menus and tooltips with jQuery

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This snippet shows you how to build a simple popup menu with jQuery. The example code can also be used to build things such as tooltips.

In the example we're going to build a menu for deleting table rows.


<table id="data">
      <a href='/domains/digg.com'>digg.com</a>
      <!-- menu start -->
      <span class='hover-menu'>
        <a href='/domains/digg.com/remove' class='remove'>remove</a>
      <!-- menu end -->

The CSS:

  display: none

The Javascript:

$.event.special.hover.delay = 200; 
$.event.special.hover.speed = 200; 

var show = function(e) {
  var $this = $(this);
  var $tooltip = $this.find('.hover-menu');

var hide = function() {
  var $this = $(this);
  var $tooltip = $this.find('.hover-menu');
$('#data td').bind('hover', show);
$('#data td').bind('hoverend', hide);

When you hover your mouse over table rows the menu will be shown.

You'll need to install the Event hover jQuery plugin to be able to use the hover and hoverend events. You could replace them with mouseenter and mouseleave, but usability would suffer...