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Delete messages containing a keyword in mutt

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Bulk operations in mutt, a console based email client, are easy. Here's how to delete messages containing the keyword 'Newsletter'.


T - asks which messages you want to tag and you reply with 'Newsletter'.

; - asks which action you want to run on the tagged messages.

d - tells that the action you want is delete.

$ - synchronizes the view with the underlying persistence layer.

How to send emails from the command line in Linux

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Use the mail command...

Specify the sender with the -r switch

mail -s "Yer subject" [email protected] -- -r "[email protected]"

Use echo to send your emails

echo -e "TEST\n.\n" | mail -s "subject" [email protected] -- -r "[email protected]"

Note that we use the -e switch to preserve new lines.

Use a file as the contents of your email

mail -s "subject" [email protected] -- -r "[email protected]" < /tmp/email