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Positioning an element over another element with jQuery

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Positioning an element over another element is a common problem and can be used for creating simple tooltips, inline dialogs, informational messages and so on.

The code is simple:

$.fn.positionOn = function(element, align) {
  return this.each(function() {
    var target   = $(this);
    var position = element.position();

    var x      = position.left; 
    var y      = position.top;

    if(align == 'right') {
      x -= (target.outerWidth() - element.outerWidth());
    } else if(align == 'center') {
      x -= target.outerWidth() / 2 - element.outerWidth() / 2;

      position: 'absolute',
      zIndex:   5000,
      top:      y, 
      left:     x



Normally you would use this code within an event listener such as mouseover or click:

$(".add-link").live('click', function(event) {
      var target = $(this);
      var dialog = $('#add-link-dialog');

      dialog.positionOn(target, 'center');

      return false;

More examples:

# Default is align with top left corner of given element
# But you can align to the right and center
$('#add-link-dialog').positionOn($('.add-link'), 'right')
$('#add-link-dialog').positionOn($('.add-link'), 'center')

You'll need the jQuery dimensions plugin for this to work.