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Find a text pattern in jar files

Tagged jar, find, search, recursive, linux, unzip  Languages bash

Helpful when you need to find a class or package in some jar file recursively below the current directory. Still needs a test to see if the file found was a file or directory. Works case insensitively. Uses the unzip command because of it's performance superiority in comparison to jar.

for f in find . -type f -name '*\.jar'
        unzip -l $f | grep -i $1 && echo "was found in $f"

Search and replace file contents and file names

Tagged bash, find, replace, search, zsh  Languages bash

Search and replace file contents

# Replace Tree with Trees
# NOTE: If you want to backup the files, change -i '' to -i (without empty string)
grep -rl Tree . |xargs sed -i '' -e 's/Tree/Trees/'

Search and replace of file names

find . -name '*observation*' -exec bash -c 'mv $0 ${0/observation/condition}' {} \;