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Fix for "mysql error 1005 (errno: 150) "

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There are at least three reasons, that I know of, to why you could be seeing mysql error 1005 (errno: 150)

  • Adding a foreign key constraint when column types don't match
  • Not enough privileges to execute the script
  • Trying to delete an index that is needed by some other index or constraint ("error on rename of")

Use "SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS;" to view the error:

ALTER TABLE videos ADD constraint fk_videos_channels_id FOREIGN KEY (channel_id) REFERENCES channels (id);

Fixing "undefined method white_list_sanitizer' for String:Class" and "undefined method full_sanitizer' for String:Class"

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If you get one of these errors, it's highly likely that you've upgraded to Rails 2.2 or higher:

undefined method white_list_sanitizer' for String:Class
undefined method full_sanitizer' for String:Class

The fix is to extend the SanitizeHelper.

class String
  extend ActionView::Helpers::SanitizeHelper::ClassMethods