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"ERROR: permission denied for schema public" WTF

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If you get this error:

ERROR:  permission denied for schema history

And, you’re running a query such as, for example, this one:

SELECT 1 FROM ONLY "history"."dummytafvel" x WHERE "id" OPERATOR(pg_catalog.=) $1 FOR KEY SHARE OF x;

And, your user has been granted access to the schema:

GRANT ALL ON history TO myself_and_i;

Then, you might have been hit over the head by the “permission denied for schema even as superuser” feature in PostgreSQL:

That’s a foreign key checking query.FK checks are done as the owner of the target table, not as the user who did the original query. So your problem is that the owner of the table lacks permissions to access the other table (or more specifically, the schema it’s in).

The solution is to grant access to the owner of the foreign keys to the schema in question.