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Detecting file/data encoding with Ruby and the chardet RubyGem

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You can use the chardet gem to detect the charset of an arbitrary string.

Install the chardet gem by issuing the following command:

$ sudo gem install chardet

Then in irb:

require 'rubygems'
require 'UniversalDetector'
p UniversalDetector::chardet('Ascii text')
p UniversalDetector::chardet('åäö')

The output from this example is:

{"encoding"=>"ascii", "confidence"=>1.0}
{"encoding"=>"utf-8", "confidence"=>0.87625}

For Python users there exists an identical library...

How to detect traffic from the most common search spiders with Ruby

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This snippet detects traffic from the following bots, which is enough for me:

The code (via):

user_agent = request.user_agent.downcase
@bot = [ 'msnbot', 'yahoo! slurp','googlebot' ].detect { |bot| user_agent.include? bot }

When the Google bot visists your site the @bot string will contain 'googlebot'.

If you need to detect more bots than these, then the site contains a list of various user agents for both bots and browsers.