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How to cache PHP objects to disk with CakePHP

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CakePHP has a view cache (similar to Rails) that can be used to cache objects. The following snippet shows a CakePHP action that uses the serialize and unserialize functions to cache a tag cloud-- an array containing tags in this case--to disk, and then read it back.

Note that we assign a TTL of 1 hours to the tag cloud, so if it's more than one hour old it will be refreshed from the database.

function index()
        $maximum = 100;
        $cache_key = "tag_cloud_$maximum";
        $tag_cloud = cache($cache_key, null, '+1 hours');
            $tag_cloud = Tag::generate_cloud($maximum);
            cache($cache_key, serialize($tag_cloud));
            $tag_cloud = unserialize($tag_cloud);
        return $tag_cloud;

The cache function is defined in $APP_ROOT/cake/basics.php, which is where you should look if you want to know more about how the caching works...