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How to export and import Oracle schemas, or backup Oracle databases

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You can use the exp and imp executables to perform data backup and restoration.

-- Export
exp <username>/<password>@<server> file=data.dmp consistent=y grants=no statistics=none

-- Import
imp <username>/<password>@<server> file=data.dmp fromuser=<source_username> touser=<username>

Fastest way of importing data into PostgreSQL

Tagged copy, import, psql, stdin  Languages bash

The fastest way of importing data into PostgreSQL is to avoid any additional processing, i.e., use PostgreSQL tools instead of writing scripts in Python or other languages.

This will import the file directly from a file into PostgreSQL:

unzip -p data.csv.gz | PGOPTIONS=-—client-min-messages=warning psql —-no-psqlrc —-set ON_ERROR_STOP=on <db name> —-command="COPY table from STDIN"

You can also add preprocessing easily, such as removal of data with AWK, by piping commands together into a workflow.