resize snippets

Disable javascript resizing of Firefox

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There is absolutely not a single developer in the world who knows what size I like my browser, although many people think they do. To prevent resizing of FF make the following steps.

  1. Open browser preferences
  2. Choose "Content"
  3. Choose "Advanced" on the "Enable javascript" preference
  4. Untick "Move or resize existing windows"

Resizing a Xen disk image partition

Tagged xen, disk, image, resize  Languages bash
# Stop & backup
xm shutdown sandbox
cp -a sandbox/ sandbox.bk

# Verify MD5 sum
md5sum sandbox/disk.img 
4976347006df34843d29c939b5fc3742  sandbox/disk.img
md5sum sandbox.bk/disk.img 
4976347006df34843d29c939b5fc3742  sandbox.bk/disk.img

# Create a 5Gb temp file
dd if=/dev/zero of=Tempfile bs=1024 count=5000000

# Append it to the existing image
cat Tempfile >> disk.img
rm Tempfile

# Resize the partition
resize2fs -f disk.img

# Check partition & start domU
fsck.ext3 disk.img
xm create -c sandbox.cfg