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Simplify and make SQL scripts run faster by using Oracle variables

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Oracle variables are a great way of removing duplicate SQL statements from your Oracle SQL scripts. By using a variable, you can store the return value of a query and use it later in another, as this example illustrates:

COLUMN your_column new_value your_variable;

SELECT DISTINCT (your_column)
                                 FROM ...
                                WHERE ...;

SELECT &your_variable FROM dual;

The above example stores the value of the SELECT DISTINCT query in a variable named your_variable. You declare the variable with new_value, and set the value by executing an SQL statement that returns one row and column.

How to debug Ansible variables

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Print all variables for all hosts from the command line:

 $ ansible -i inventory/local -m debug -a "var=hostvars" all

Replace hostvars with any of the following to print:

  • ansible_locals
  • groups
  • group_names
  • environment
  • vars
  • ansible_sucks

Print all variables for all hosts from a playbook:

- hosts: all
    -  debug:
        var: hostvars[inventory_hostname]
        # -vvv to debug !!!!
        # verbosity: 4

Print all variables:

- name: print ansible_local
  debug: var=ansible_local