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Git: "fatal: protocol error: bad line length character:"

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Git might give you this fine error

fatal: protocol error: bad line length character:

Looks like git didn't receive the response it expected from your server.

Possible causes: * Did you put some echo commands in e.g. ~/.bashrc on the remote server?

How to color your bash prompt red in production

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How to color your bash prompt red in production:

export RED="\[\e[1;31m\]"
export NORMAL="\[\e[0m\]"

# user@host: ~/directory $

# Root prompt should have #
if [[ $EUID == 0 ]] ; then
  export PS1="$BASE_PROMPT#"
  export PS1="$BASE_PROMPT\$"

Put it in /etc/profile.d/ for all users to see the prompt in color.

Script also helps with lowering anxiety levels.

"What's my IP" bash script

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This bash alias displays your IP address:

alias wanip='dig +short'

How to get the latest version number from a list of git tags

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This will print the latest version number that a git repository has been tagged with:

$ git tag -l 'v*' | sort -t. -k 1,1n -k 2,2n -k 3,3n -k 4,4n | tail -n 1

Note that some versions of the sort command have a —version-sort switch, and some don’t:

sort: unrecognized option `--version-sort'
Try `sort --help' for more information.

How to start a bash shell in Docker

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To start a bash shell in an already running container:

docker exec -it <container id/name> bash

To start a bash shell using an image of a container that is not running:

docker run -i -t --entrypoint /bin/bash <image id>

Search and replace file contents and file names

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Search and replace file contents

# Replace Tree with Trees
# NOTE: If you want to backup the files, change -i '' to -i (without empty string)
grep -rl Tree . |xargs sed -i '' -e 's/Tree/Trees/'

Search and replace of file names

find . -name '*observation*' -exec bash -c 'mv $0 ${0/observation/condition}' {} \;