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Escaping strings in PostgreSQL queries

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PostgreSQL queries containing, for example, single quotes or semicolons need to be escaped.

This won’t work:

UPDATE jobs SET work=':'';

To make it work, escape the strings using C-style escapes (E’’) and replacing single-quotes with ‘’:

UPDATE jobs SET work=E':''';

See section “ String Constants with C-style Escapes” in the PostgreSQL documentation for details.

Escape and sanitize input and output?

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Thinking about escaping and sanitizing input and output? Read this:


  • Always sanitize output

By sanitizing the output, you can fix issues caused by bugs in the input sanitizer without touching the database.

  • Sanitize input, if it makes sense:

For example, if there’s a risk that input becomes invalid after sanitization then it’s better to store the data raw.

This is also a good idea, if there are multiple output formats and sanitizing the input might break something.