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How to find all tables referring to another table in Postgres

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This example lists all tables that contain a column named ‘organization_id’:

SELECT c.relname AS table,
       a.attname AS column,
       n.nspname AS schema
FROM   pg_class AS c
       INNER JOIN pg_attribute AS a
               ON a.attrelid = c.oid
       JOIN pg_namespace n
         ON n.oid = c.relnamespace
WHERE  a.attname = 'organization_id'
       AND c.relkind = 'r'
       AND c.relname NOT LIKE 'pg_%'
ORDER  BY c.relname,

Column finding algorithm

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Given text containing left and right aligned data separated by one or more spaces this algorithm will try to detect the columns indices:

def find_columns(text):
    left_aligned_cols = {}
    right_aligned_cols = {}
    lines = text.split("\n")
    line_count = len(lines)

    for line in lines:
        prev_char = None
        # start-of-line is a column delimiter
        if '0' not in left_aligned_cols:
            left_aligned_cols['0'] = 0
        left_aligned_cols['0'] += 1
        for pos, char in enumerate(line):
            # left-aligned column
            if prev_char and prev_char.isspace() and not char.isspace():
                key = str(pos)
                if key not in left_aligned_cols:
                    left_aligned_cols[key] = 0
                left_aligned_cols[key] += 1
            # right-aligned column
            if prev_char and not prev_char.isspace() and char.isspace():
                key = str(pos + 1)
                if key not in right_aligned_cols:
                    right_aligned_cols[key] = 0
                right_aligned_cols[key] += 1
            prev_char = char
        # end-of-line is a column delimiter
        key = str(len(line))
        if key not in right_aligned_cols:
            right_aligned_cols[key] = 0
        right_aligned_cols[key] += 1

    left_aligned_cols = [ int(key) for (key, count) in left_aligned_cols.items() if count == line_count ]
    right_aligned_cols = [ int(key) for (key, count) in right_aligned_cols.items() if count == line_count ]
    column_indices = sorted(set(left_aligned_cols + right_aligned_cols))
    columns = list(map(list, zip(column_indices, column_indices[1:])))
    return columns