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Postgres SQL query for extracting and querying a JSON object containing an array of JSON objects

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We want to extract data by querying a JSON object (hash, dictionary, map, object) which contains an array of JSON objects:

  "responses": [
      "patient": {
        "ssid": "101010-XXXX",
      "patient": {
        "ssid": "070710-XXXX",

In Postgresql 9.4 and higher we can write the following query to query nested arrays of objects:

   body -> 'responses' @> '[{"patient":[{"ssid":"070710-XXXX"}]}]';

In earlier versions of Postgres we can use the jsonb_array_elements function:

WITH json_messages AS (
 SELECT jsonb_array_elements(body#>'{responses}')->'patient'->>'ssid', id from messages
SELECT * FROM json_messages WHERE ssid = '010150-XXXX';