rsync snippets

Resume scp download

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Unfortunately there is no way for scp to resume a download. Don't despair though if your download was interrupted. Rsync is capable of resuming it. Be aware though, that rsync makes a temporary file that will become as large as the target file is so your disk may become full during the resume process.

rsync --partial --progress --rsh=ssh host:/work/source.tar.bz2 .

Using rsync to backup a remote machine to a local directory via SSH

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This command copies the files on the remote machine to the local directory /backups/

rsync --delete -r -ve "ssh -p 666" /backups/

Some useful parameters:

-r = recursive
-n = simulate
-v = verbose
-a = archive mode
-L = follow symbolic links
--size-only = 
--progress = show progress indicator
--numeric-ids = don't map user and group IDs to local user and group names
-e = use SSH and port 666
--bwlimit = limit bandwidth to 100 kilobytes/second
--exclude-from = exclude the files and directories listed in the configuration file
--delete = remove local files that have been removed on the remote server