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How to get rid of Gulp, Grunt, and <your favorite JS build tool>

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I would happily pay 50-100€ for a build tool that would help me get rid of Gulp, Grunt, etc, and save me from hours of unproductive fighting with unreliable tools.

The following snippet is not quite a full solution for getting rid of Gulp/Grunt.


npm install -g node-sass browserify babelify uglify-js


# Compile JS modules into one file
browserify js/app.js -o dist/js/app.js -t [ babelify --presets [ es2015 ] ]
# Compile CSS/SASS modules into one file
node-sass css/app.scss --output-style compressed --include-path node_modules/bootstrap-sass/assets/stylesheets dist/css/app.css
# Minify JS
uglifyjs --compress --mangle -o dist/js/app.js -- dist/js/app.js


See How to Use npm as a Build Tool.