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How to fix "the response was already sent" error in Elixir

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If you get an “(Plug.Conn.AlreadySentError) the response was already sent” error:

Server: localhost:4000 (http)
Request: POST /api/v1/xxx
** (exit) an exception was raised:
    ** (Plug.Conn.AlreadySentError) the response was already sent
        (plug) lib/plug/conn.ex:332: Plug.Conn.put_status/2

Verify that you have not defined the action plug more than once:

plug :action

Multi-tenancy in Ecto and Phoenix

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Creating a new tentant

A new tenant requires a namespace, which is a schema in Postgres, and a prefix in Ecto:

$ psql -U postgres database_x
> create schema aktagon; 

Querying data

import Ecto.Query
email = ""
q = from(m in User, where: == ^email)
Repo.all(%{q | prefix: "aktagon"})


Inserting data

   %User{ email: "" },
   prefix: "aktagon"


$ mix ecto.migrate --prefix "aktagon"


  • (KeyError) key :__meta__ not found

I got this error when passing a changeset to Ecto.put_meta instead of a User struct.