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How to monitor database backups with monit

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“It’s not the backup, it’s the restore”

We want to know when our database backup process, including restore, is broken. We can use monit to monitor that our database:

  • is being backed up, i.e., that the backup script is being run periodically
  • can be restored from a backup, i.e., that the backup is not corrupted

More specifically we want to monitor the following:

We use monit to monitor the script that restores the database from a backup. For this we need:

  • a script, e.g. written in Ruby, that restores the database from a fresh backup

    • the script should write to a log file, e.g. /var/log/db-restore.log, after the database has been successfully restored
    • the script should check facts such as, e.g., number of rows
  • a monit script that checks the script has been run successfully within, e.g., the last 24 hours