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Eventmachine Echo Server Example

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require 'rubygems'
require 'eventmachine'
require 'logger'

# Each connection creates a new EchoServer.
module EchoServer
  LOG ='echo.log')

  # Called by the event loop immediately after the network connection has been
  # established, and before resumption of the network loop.
  def post_init "-- Connection established #{remote_ip} --"

  # Called by the event loop whenever data has been received by the network
  # connection. It is never called by user code.
  def receive_data data
    message = "#{remote_ip}: #{data}" message
    send_data message
    close_connection if data =~ /quit/i

  # Called by the framework whenever a connection (either a server or client
  # connection) is closed.
  def unbind "-- Connection closed #{remote_ip} --"

  # Return the IP and port of the remote client.
  def remote_ip
    @remote_ip ||= begin
                     port, ip = Socket.unpack_sockaddr_in(get_peername)

EventMachine::run do
  Signal.trap("INT")  { EventMachine.stop }
  Signal.trap("TERM") { EventMachine.stop }
  EventMachine::start_server "", 8080, EchoServer

Use telnet to test it:

$ telnet localhost 8080

How to record and replay TCP traffic

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First attempt

1) Record TCP traffic with tcpdump to pcap file

Record traffic on ethic from host and port 2332, write to app-traffic.pcap:

tcpdump -vvv -i eth0 host and port 2332 -w app-traffic.pcap &

2) View captured traffic

tcpdump -qns 0 -X -r app-traffic.pcap

Edit captured traffic if needed with Wireshark.

3) Edit source IP so that it’s on your own network

See the ”example in tcprewrite documentation”: for details on how to rewrite source IP:

$ tcprewrite --pnat=, --infile=input.pcap --outfile=output.pcap --skipbroadcast

4) Replay traffic with tcplivereplay from recorded pcap file (note step #3)

”See tcpliveplay documentation”: for details.

Note that tcpliveplay is only available on Linux not OSX.

Second attempt


sudo tcpdump -i en0 host and port 2332 -w app-traffic.pcap


tcpdump -s 0 -n -e -x -vvv -r app-traffic.pcap


sudo tcpreplay -i en0 -t -K app-traffic.pcap

Or use tcplivereplay (Note: Linux only):\#tcpliveplay


I couldn’t get it to work….