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Ruby and Ruby on Rails Time and Time Zones

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  • Parsing: What is the time zone of the input?
  • Parsing: Use Time.zone.parse to parse user input, but first set Time.zone to the user’s time zone.
  • UI: What is the user’s time zone?
  • UI: Show the time in the user’s time zone: https://github.com/github/time-elements
  • Ruby: Time.now uses the operating system’s time zone
  • Ruby: Date.today uses the operating system’s time zone
  • Ruby: Time.parse uses the operating system’s time zone
  • Ruby: Use Range.cover? with time ranges and know how it differs from Range.include?
  • Rails: Time.zone.now and Time.current uses Rails’ time zone (config.time_zone in config/application.rb)
  • Rails: Time.zone.today uses Rails’ time zone
  • Rails: Time.zone.parse uses Rails’ time zone
  • Database: Store time in UTC (without time zone information)
  • Database: “BETWEEN a AND b” is inclusive
  • Database: PostgreSQL’s current_timestamp uses the database time zone (timezone in postgresql.conf)
  • API: Use ISO 8601 format
  • Daylight savings
  • Leap year
  • Falsehoods