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bcrypt example in Golang

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package main

import (

// NOTE: You need to escape the dollar signs in the hash with \
// HASH="xxx" PASSWORD=xxx go run main.go
func main() {
    hash, ok := os.LookupEnv("HASH")
    if !ok {
        log.Fatal("The HASH environment variable is not set")
    password, ok := os.LookupEnv("PASSWORD")
    if !ok {
        log.Fatal("The PASSWORD environment variable is not set")
    if isMatch(password, hash) {
        log.Printf("Match '%s' == '%s'", hash, password)
    } else {
        log.Printf("Mismatch '%s' != '%s'", hash, password)

func isMatch(password string, hash string) bool {
    err := bcrypt.CompareHashAndPassword([]byte(hash), []byte(password))
    return err == nil

How to set the session's time zone to UTC when using Golang's database/sql

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Always remember to set the time zone session setting when using database/sql and timestamps, otherwise timestamps will use the database default:

db, err = sql.Open("postgres", "timezone=UTC")
if err != nil {
defer db.Close()
var timezone string
err = db.QueryRow("SHOW timezone").Scan(&timezone)
if err != nil {
log.Println("timezone:", timezone)

Running SET TIME ZONE ‘Africa/Casablanca’; once in a connection won’t work because a pool of connections is used.

Fixing "go get" and "terminal prompts disabled" when pulling private and public repos from gitlab

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This frustrating error when running go get can be fixed by following these instructions:

go: downloading gitlab.com/christianhellsten/go-xxxx v0.0.0-20200816045911-18af1d03e51a
cmd/go-xxx/main.go:4:2: gitlab.com/christianhellsten/[email protected]: verifying module: gitlab.com/christianhellsten/[email protected]: reading https://sum.golang.org/lookup/gitlab.com/christianhellsten/[email protected]: 410 Gone
    server response:
    not found: gitlab.com/christianhellsten/[email protected]: invalid version: git fetch -f origin refs/heads/*:refs/heads/* refs/tags/*:refs/tags/* in /tmp/gopath/pkg/mod/cache/vcs/1dd4008ad7804a122a243831f561ea1000480bb532c0388829d0f37bc7349fef: exit status 128:
        fatal: could not read Username for 'https://gitlab.com': terminal prompts disabled

Make sure you have the latest go and git versions.

Then run the following commands:

git config --global url.ssh://[email protected]/.insteadOf https://github.com/
git config --global url.ssh://[email protected]/.insteadOf https://gitlab.com/
go env -w GOPRIVATE="gitlab.com/christianhellsten,bitbucket.org/christianhellsten,github.com/christianhellsten"

Specify the Gitlab token in ~/.git-credentials or ~/.netrc.

Now you can enjoy simple things such as pulling your repos from the internet, but you need to remember to set GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT too: