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NoSQL, Pagination and Search with Mongoid, Kaminari and Tire

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This example uses Mongoid, Kaminari and Tire (ElasticSearch):

require 'kaminari/models/mongoid_extension'

class Product
  include Mongoid::Document
  include Mongoid::Paranoia
  include Mongoid::Timestamps

  index :application_id, :unique => true

  # NOTE Best to include after Mongoid
  include Tire::Model::Search
  include Tire::Model::Callbacks

  include Kaminari::MongoidExtension::Criteria
  include Kaminari::MongoidExtension::Document

Now you can paginate and search all you want:

# Search and paginate
Product.tire.search :page => 1, :per_page => 100, :load => true do
    query             { string "Ho ho" }
    #sort              { by     :rating, 'desc' }
# Paginate


* Use Model.tire.search/index, instead of Model.search which conflicts with Mongoid's index/search methods. * Use :load => true to return an array containing the model you're searching for instead of Tire::Result::Items. * Use :per_page and :page with Model.tire.search, not the page/per methods. * Mongoid queries are not the same as ActiveRecord queries, see http://mongoid.org/docs/querying/criteria.html#where * MongoDB URL http://localhost:28017/ * ElasticSearch URL http://localhost:9200/products/_mapping * Boolean queries are difficult https://gist.github.com/1263816