Set the accept-language header in Capybara / Selenium WebDriver tests

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To change the accept-language header that Chrome sends with each request in Capybara tests, add the ‘selenium-webdriver (3.142.6)’ preference to the driver’s options:

  opts.add_preference('intl.accept_languages', 'sv')


Capybara.register_driver :chrome do |app|
  caps = { browser: 'ALL' })
  opts =
  opts.add_preference('intl.accept_languages', 'sv')
  chrome_args = %w[--no-sandbox --disable-popup-blocking --enable-features=NetworkService,NetworkServiceInProcess --window-size=1920,1080]
  chrome_args.each { |arg| opts.add_argument(arg) }, browser: :chrome, options: opts, desired_capabilities: caps)

Tested with:

  • capybara (3.30.3)
  • selenium-webdriver (3.142.6)