How to SSH with Go

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How to SSH with Go.


package main

import (

var host string
var port string
var user string
var command string
var keyPath string
var keyPass string

func init() {
    flag.StringVar(&host, "host", "", "SSH hostname or IP")
    flag.StringVar(&port, "port", "", "SSH port")
    flag.StringVar(&user, "user", "", "SSH user")
    flag.StringVar(&command, "command", "", "Command to execute on server")
    flag.StringVar(&keyPath, "key-path", "", "For example, ~/.ssh/id_rsa")
    flag.StringVar(&keyPass, "key-password", "", "Password for private key (optional)")
    if host == "" || port == "" || command == "" || user == "" || keyPath == "" {

func readPubKey(file string) ssh.AuthMethod {
    var key ssh.Signer
    var err error
    var b []byte
    b, err = ioutil.ReadFile(file)
    mustExec(err, "failed to read public key")
    if !strings.Contains(string(b), "ENCRYPTED") {
        key, err = ssh.ParsePrivateKey(b)
        mustExec(err, "failed to parse private key")
    } else {
        key, err = ssh.ParsePrivateKeyWithPassphrase(b, []byte(keyPass))
        mustExec(err, "failed to parse password-protected private key")
    return ssh.PublicKeys(key)

func main() {
    conf := &ssh.ClientConfig{
        User: user,
        Auth: []ssh.AuthMethod{
        HostKeyCallback: ssh.InsecureIgnoreHostKey(), // XXX: Security issue
    client, err := ssh.Dial("tcp", strings.Join([]string{host, ":", port}, ""), conf)
    mustExec(err, "failed to dial SSH server")
    session, err := client.NewSession()
    mustExec(err, "failed to create SSH session")
    defer session.Close()
    var b bytes.Buffer
    session.Stdout = &b
    err = session.Run(command)
    mustExec(err, "failed to run command over SSH")
    log.Printf("%s: %s", command, b.String())

func mustExec(err error, msg string) {
    if err != nil {
        log.Fatalf("%s:\n  %s", msg, err)

This command will run a command on a remote SSH server:

go run main.go -command whoami -host -key-path ~/.ssh/id_rsa -port 22 -user jeb

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