Fixing "config.breakpoint_server has been deprecated and has no effect" when using Rails Edge

You might get this error if you're using Rails Edge: **config.breakpoint\_server has been deprecated and has no effect**: To fix the error we need to remove the following from **config/environments/development.rb**: ```ruby config.breakpoint_server = true ``` Next install ruby-debug: ```ruby gem install ruby-debug ``` Then add this to the end of **config/environments/development.rb**: ```ruby require 'ruby-debug' ``` Next, start your server, and the error should be gone... To debug your code just add a call to **debugger**: ```ruby class MySillySpace ... def create debugger # add this line end ``` Now when you access the URL with your browser you'll have access to the debugger from the console window. To learn how to use ruby-debug, read [this tutorial]( written by the ruby-debug author.