Log file analysis with AWK - Calculating the sum and average

This AWK script is useful when you want to calculate the average and sum for a set of values found in a log file. ```bash awk '{ s += $1 } END { print "sum: ", s, " average: ", s/NR, " samples: ", NR }' rails_production_log_or_whatever.log ``` Note that **$1** means that column one contains the values you want to use. **NR** is the total number of rows in the file. As an example, let's say you have this log file: ```bash 1 2 3 4 5 ``` The output would then be: ```bash sum: 15 average: 3 samples: 5 ``` Combine it with **grep** or **sed** to do more advanced log file analysis -- you can for example calculate the average time it took to render action xyz in Rails on the 21th of July at 21:00 PM. Note that by default the column values should be space separated--use the following switch to parse CSV (comma separated) files: **-F,**