Converting WMA files to MP3 on Linux

Use this to convert WMA files to MP3 in Linux. ```bash #!/bin/bash # By Marko Haapala # converts wma to mp3 recursively. does not delete any static files, so # cleanup and renaming is needed afterwards. # # requirements: # lame - # mplayer - apt-get install mplayer or current_directory=$(pwd) wma_files=$(find "${current_directory}" -type f -iname "*.wma") # Need to change IFS or files with filenames containing spaces will not # be handled correctly by for loop IFS=$'\n' for wma_file in ${wma_files}; do mplayer -vo null -vc dummy -af resample=44100 \ -ao pcm -ao pcm:waveheader "${wma_file}" && lame -m s \ audiodump.wav -o "${wma_file}".mp3 rm audiodump.wav done ```